Introducing the Concept of Defensive Driving

05 July, 2016

Adel Metni Foundation Meeting with Head of Public Relations Division of the Internal Security Forces, Colonel Joseph Mousallem

President of the Foundation Mr. Georges Metni, General Secretary Mr. Roy Metni, and Vice President Mr. Johnny Choueiri, met with Colonel Joseph Mousallem, head of public relations division of the Internal Security Forces.

The meeting objective was to coordinate in promoting efficient ways nationwide to spread the culture of road safety and introducing the concept of Defensive Driving.

The Foundation developed the first of a kind professional driving education program entitled 'Defensive Driving Basics DDB', in partnership with Renault SAS France, and it focuses on turning normal drivers to "proactive" drivers, from all ages and categories, with a special emphasis on young drivers.

In parallel, the foundation discussed the problems of traffic congestions in Beirut and surrounding areas, whereas the statistics show a drastic increase in the number of private vehicles, associated with total absence of safe and sustainable public transportation system, in addition to the current structure of roads.

The Foundation's program was highly encouraged and supported by Colonel Mousallem.