Believing in strategic partnerships, and taking again road safety education to another level across MENA, Adel Metni Foundation is proud to launch another collaboration with GoPro, aiming to deliver a more enjoyable & professional experience to trainees from all ages & categories.

The Defensive Driving Training package offered by Adel Metni Foundation is known to be the first of a kind in Lebanon and the MENA region, where experts are executing the best training courses helping drivers become safer behind the wheel, in the objective of reducing human errors.

President of Adel Metni Foundation Mr. Georges A. Metni added: “Our recent collaboration with GoPro has boosted the quality of our training programs towards innovative levels. We guarantee our trainees a unique and fruitful experience.”

Collecting data, improving the quality of on-board footages and enhancing the level of entertainment combined with education, have all combined in the goal of saving more lives and refining driving skills.

Traditional education has become outdated. Innovation remains the key. We Go Safe, but We Go Pro as well.