Towards Effective Solutions in Road Safety

02 July, 2016

Adel Metni Foundation Pays a Visit to Chief of Beirut Municipal Police, General Georges Haddad

As part of its Local Empowerment Activities and Belief in Improving Road Safety Management at the Municipal Level, through Enforcement, Education & Engineering, Adel Metni Foundation visited General Georges Haddad, Chief of Beirut Municipal Police. The Foundation encourages and endorses local road safety programs, especially in a city like Beirut, hosting the highest number of drivers and vulnerable road users in the country.

President of Adel Metni Foundation, Mr. Georges Metni, discussed the importance of building strong public-private partnerships in Lebanon to tackle road safety problems through effective and long-term solutions. During the meeting with General Haddad, who admired the mission of the foundation and its innovative programs, Metni added the main problems facing the new traffic law, and more specifically at the municipal level.

Local authorities are asked to actively enforce traffic regulations in the areas where they operate. Thus, educating & Training municipal police, employees as well as community residents, is primordial before proceeding with the enforcement phase.

"In a country like Lebanon, where a road safety is not a national priority, and whereas the central government lacks a clear & effective strategy tackling traffic problems and aiming to reduce the number of fatalities, I believe in incremental changes at the local level and in the role of municipalities to improve road safety standards", Metni concluded.