The 4th Annual UN Road Safety Week: Slow Down, Save Lives!

01 May, 2017

Adel Metni Foundation Taking Part of the 4th Annual UN Road Safety Week

As a Non-Profit Organization, Dedicated to Road Safety Management, Education & Training, & through our diverse innovative programs, we are committed to Focus & Expand our Activities Complying with the #Global #Goals for #Sustainable #Development, known as SDGs, which are Spearheaded by the United Nations, and that include:

-Reducing Road Traffic Fatalities by 50% by 2020.
-Working for Sustainable Cities & Communities.
-Reaching a Sustainable, Safe & Affordable Transport System.

The Foundation aims to develop efficient & measurable solutions in road safety, away from 'Traditional Awareness', in our beloved country #Lebanon and the #MENA. We are Happy to Start Promoting for the #Road_Safety_Week entitled #Slowdown, and which will take off on the 8th of May 2017. The Foundation already started Engaging People alongside ambassadors and trainees all around
Lebanon as a preparation for the Road Safety Week, and through Many Activities that Kicked off Today.

#Speeding Remains the Ultimate Risk Factor for Road Fatalities & Injuries.
Through #Positive & #Professional Actions, and through belief & commitment of all sectors in Lebanon, we will be able to Generate Strategies that will Help Managing Speed Limits, restructuring roads, and introducing in-vehicle technology.
Stay Tuned to Check our latest Photos of Commitment for the 4th Annual Road Safety Week:
#SlowDown #SaveLives
#ThinkPositive #ActPositive for Road Safety